Low Carbon Leeds

The council has committed to reduce carbon by 40% by 2020. To achieve this ambition we’ve kicked off Low Carbon Leeds as a Breakthrough Project. This means that we’ll focus our resources to work together with partners and communities across the city to deliver the various energy savings projects and make Leeds a fully sustainable city by the middle of the century.

This site will enable a range of stakeholders to join the discussions around how we achieve this following on from an event held in November 2014 which began to set out a city wide vision of a sustainable future.

There are a number of projects which make up the overall programme and the discussions on these can be accessed using the relevant buttons on this page. You can comment on these projects or you can contact the programme team by emailing:


Join in the debate: Be part of it!

Check out the links below for more information:

Leeds Climate Change Strategy – outlines how we’re planning to deal with climate change as a city.

Stern Review: Economics of Climate Change – how tackling climate change can bring wider benefits to growth and development for the UK and globally.

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Working for a more sustainable future